The start of the iGaming calendar kicked off with the London Affiliate Conference which took place at the Excel in London 7-9 February 2017. 

This year I had the privilege of being part of an exciting business panel alongside some of the most experienced affiliate and digital marketing experts I know, who collaboratively have over 50 years of work experience combined.

On the panel were:

Andrew (Award winning affiliate)

Nick (Bitcoin Operator)

Jan Dellman (Publisher – German Markets)

The insights shared on this panel were of great value to the audience which was predominately made up of Affiliates and Affiliate Managers working across multiple verticals in the iGaming industry.

A couple of key insights given during the panel discussion and on the event’s twitter feed included:

About Finding your affiliate website niche:

  • It isn’t about the country – it’s about where you can monetise your skills best. Check the GDP and consider the deposit methods and money regulations before making a decision to expand to other regions outside of your own

  • It’s about writing about what you know – if there is a market in your country  – start working there to find your niche and check your competition

  • Have your localisation 100% – be fluent in the language and make sure your customers understand the localisation of technical gaming terms (Ex. Italy – the word for deposit is not the same as the direct translation of this word which refers to a bank deposit)

About expansion and finding the right resources to grow your business:

  • Its about trust – the best tool is to hire trustworthy and loyal individuals these are the people who will go far with you

  • Look at a candidates natural aptitude during interviews, affiliate marketing is hard and you need to have a natural talent to engage people and understand affiliate marketing data

  • Don’t run before you jump else you will expend a lot of time training and will have to hire in again

  • If you don’t need them – don’t have them. Keep your head count low when you are growing and outsource to trusted partners who you can trial project work with.

About working with many or few brands to start with:

  • People don’t stay loyal to one brand any longer, so if you want to retain customers you should consider 4-5 brands over their player lifetime is reasonable. The more brands you work with the better your monetisation techniques.

  • You have to show around to find which operator brands are better for your traffic – it’s all about relationships and building them to grow meaningful commercial deals that pay dividends

  • Trust your instincts – it’s important that you made the decisions about who you want to work with and why. Do your homework and find a handful of brands to start with that you can trust and build meaningful relationships with.

Some other great insights to the questions that were asked are summarised below:

  • Give yourself enough space to try new things (have 3 rolls of the dice) to make it work – whether this is financially or resource related.

  • Work on your product and your brand to ensure affiliate success. Many affiliates forget that their sites which contain useful information for players to get what they need before they choose to deposit – could be building a brand following which helps increase conversion and stickiness to come back. Having a brand differentiates you from your competitors

  • Statistics – what to watch for and what to ignore in the early days had a heated debate around focussing too much not he numbers and not enough on the tasks at hand that drive traffic to support these numbers. Whilst data is king, content is still it’s Queen so if you understand your traffic sources you’re going to be in a better position to monetise your site more effectively.

Watch out for my next blog which answers a lot of the questions we didn’t get around to as the panel discussion , as it was just too short to answer them all.

If you have any questions about your affiliate business, feel free to get in touch with me, as I’d be happy to share my experiences in order to help your affiliate business grow.