I’m always on the lookout for new tools and apps that allow me to save time and create effective marketing strategies. I’m a constant follower of BetaList.org which is a site that shows the latest tech coming to market. This week I discovered : ContentStack.xyz and thought I’d share it with you.

About Contentstack

Allows you to embed beautifully curated content into your website and social channels with a great scheduling feature and a dynamic dashboard that allows you to determine where and how content is displayed within your site at the touch of a button, in a matter of minutes.

Below is a screenshot of the dashboard area – which is where you can decide where and how your curated content is displayed within your site seamlessly to fit the design and layout of your pages. Literally with a click of a button you can embed beautiful content and imagery onto your website that enhances the relevance and keeps your site updated with interesting content that is relevant for your business too.

Why is it clever?

It assists with SEO and adds relevant curated content to your site with minimal efforts.

The way that Contentstack works and is implemented within your site structure means that text, images and links you curate – will be scraped and can form part of your SEO keywords within your site. Search engines are getting much better at indexing javascript applications which is the technology this tool is based on. Having regular updated and good quality content from sites that have areputation will be beneficial to improving your onsite SEO activity. The async nature of the widget also means that it won’t impact your load times so your site will remain fast.

You can generate affiliate revenue:

By sharing curated content from multiple sources you can also share sponsored links or affiliate links in the same manner, which indirectly will develop your own brand and hopefully help grow your audience which would monetise your site via ad sales.

At the very least, Contentstack is a great way to add high ranking and relevant content or complimentary news feeds within your website and with minimal impact to your time. The dashboard already has a feature that allows you to schedule content updates to your site in a staged manner so no need to log in every day , you can schedule content updates and configure the way in which it’s displayed with a couple of clicks!

Try it out today HERE

You can see some of the articles I have curated (Articles I’ve read) and added to my site using the Contenstack platform alongside on the right hand side of the previous blog introduction page.