Why Content Marketing is King and how to create a Winning Content strategy for your business

Content marketing is one of the most important cornerstones to building organic traffic for your website. It also engages customers to come over and take a closer look at your website (or service). Search engines tell us that they want content that their users will enjoy, and find useful,  so how do you ensure you are creating this?

These quick tips will help you to bootstrap your marketing campaigns with excellent content and help drive traffic to your site to convert into sales.

Create a Content Calendar

Organisation is key when it comes to curating content, a calendar is one of the most useful ways to keep track of this. Add in topics as and when they occur to you and stick to the schedule of posts. You can use national day calendars and previous trends in order to create content that’s shareable and relevant to your audience set.

Mondays are a great time to post blogs, as there are plenty of trends to interact with from the weekend and news channels associated to your business and people are eager to learn at the start of a new working week.

Cite your Sources

When writing content that uses statistics or key facts, tell your users where you got those facts from! This helps to build up authority with your users and can also boost your SEO by linking out to other domains. Steer clear of linking to spammy or disreputable domains as this can actually harm your SEO rankings instead of helping it.

Make it Interesting and Unique

There’s so much content out there that you may find it hard to come up with interesting and unique topics. If you share content, always re-post with your own commentary or thoughts associated. When you add content to the internet, you also want to be adding value in order to be ranked highly by search engines. It’s not enough to copy a competitor, instead you want to put your own spin on a topic and approach it in a new way.

Add Other Elements

Content doesn’t’ just have to be text, make use of interesting eye catching imagery and also consider using videos, infographics and GIFs to improve it and break things up for your user. If you’re going in depth on a topic, this can be a great way to ensure that your user makes it all the way to the end of your content. This is good for the user and also good for your SEO, as search engines can detect just how engaging your content is through these metrics.

Guiding the User Journey

Keyword research will give you a starting point for creating high interest content and will help you to understand what your ideal users are seeking to learn or research.

Each keyword that you use should be evaluated individually to curate the right content around that subject. For example, those that are looking for ‘what is content marketing’ will be at a different stage in their buyer journey than those searching for ‘how to create a content strategy’. When targeting these different users, you should create content that will be most valuable to them.

The important thing to remember is that content must be simple to understand and relevant to your target audience. Clear, simple language and quick to the point content helps to engage your audience quickly and invite them to find out more about your products and services.

Using content to your advantage top build an audience that hangs off your every word is a brilliant and cost effective way to get your brand out there and more visible. For a strategy session that will have you creating content that leads to conversions (sales), check out our strategy sessions and get in touch.

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