5 Tips to Improve your Social Media & Cool Apps to Help you do it

Social media is something that many business owners feel that they should be doing, though they’re not quite sure how. If you’re using social media to promote, but want to get more from your efforts then this is the guide for you! Here are our five top tips to get started:

1. Switch up your Content

Do you find that you’re posting more or less the same content regularly? If you’re bored of the same old, same old then your followers most likely will too! Switch up what you’re posting and make sure that your content is useful, helpful and doesn’t get stale.

If you want to experiment with different types of content, then Legend is an excellent app to use. This allows you to create short animated stings, which you can post directly to your social channels which will certainly help you stop the scroll. It’s free and super useful to use on the go as its mobile friendly.

2. Be Responsive

Part of building your brand in social media channels is ensuring a consistent image is being put onto your social media. That means that you want to appear responsive and engage with your users frequently. Facebook Pages Manager is the best app for managing your page on the go, responding to messages and gain notifications when you need to step in and converse with your customers online.

3. Post Interesting Topics that are trending

You don’t always have to direct users to your site or product in each and every post. It actually helps with your organic reach if you don’t do this in some channels. Instead, you may want to look for related news and features around your industry, product or services to post about and link back to. These tend to be more engaging for users and thus garner a wider post reach. Pocket is an app that’s handy for content curation, as it allows for you to save stories to read offline and share snippets of popular items to your social channels.

4. Encourage Interaction

Using videos, polls and trending topics all garner interaction and boost your presence on social media. Using the Twitter app or Crowdfire can give you a quick heads up on who to follow and what to post about. This allows you to join in the discussion around a topic, which gives your brand a much wider reach and access to new audiences.

5. Post Regularly and Often

Allowing you Facebook page to go dormant will mean that your organic reach will spiral. Even on other platforms like Twitter, on which the feed is all real time, people will unfollow you if you’re not active. Post often and keep your followers interested in what you have to say.

Buffer, Meed Edgar and Hootsuite are some of the best tools to manage your social media schedules across multiple platforms. These allow you to quickly schedule in a few days of social media whenever you have the chance. Then, you can augment these with additional posts that tie in with the latest trends.

We all know that we should be using social media to promote our brand, but if you’re struggling to find the time or tools then get in touch. I can help give you expert advice and create a content media plan that works specifically for you.

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