When it comes to maintaining a business, it can be a struggle to understand the roles and responsibilities that you must dedicate time to achieve success. This is where having a dedicated business mentor can change things around for you. As a business mentor with the Virgin Startup Mentoring Programme, I’ve seen first-hand how helpful this support can be for new businesses starting out.

In this blog I’ll share some of the reasons why having a business mentor especially in the digital sense can help you growth hack your marketing strategies and get your business operating ahead of the curve :

Five Fun Facts about Business Mentorship

  1. Often, business mentors are able to increase the longevity and success of your business because you are itemising their experience and expertise to get a head start on running successfully.
  2. Businesses that provide mentoring to staff have a much higher retention rate than those that don’t.
  3. One of the main benefits that business owners cite when asked about mentorship is a boost to their motivation.
  4. 70% of businesses with a mentor succeed for five or more years. That’s a great statistic that supports start up businesses to succeed and remain focussed.
  5. Accountability and planning are often listed as the main aspects of business that are often a struggle for their owners and founders.

So how can a Digital Business Mentor Help?

Investing in time with an experienced business mentor with experience in your industry can really boost the return you get on the time and marketing efforts that are spent in your business. They can provide you with support and suggest the next logical steps that you should be making to improve your revenue and marketing reach.

All too often business owners simply get caught up in the day to day processes of running the business or supporting client needs and never stop to plan the next step for growth in the future. While this can keep your business afloat, it is not necessarily the most effective way to ensure it can run successfully in the long term.

We all understand the need to set and achieve goals, but mentors can help you prioritise the most important ones first. If you’re setting unrealistic goals then this can also weigh on your mind, a mentor can help you to decide which goals are achievable, as well as help keeping you on track to succeed.

Staying motivated, achieving your business goals and tracking success are all routes to making your business venture profitable. The experience of a mentor, who can help guide and in fact connect you with people in the know as well as their ability to identify outside business opportunities to help growth, means that you can be much more effective with you’re time.

If you’re interested in accessing my mentorship programmes to growth hack your digital marketing and build profitable revenue streams,  then get in touch with me. I’ve played instrumental roles in many different online businesses and have years of experience in running and mentoring start ups in the UK. Make the investment in your business today and get in touch!