The Digital & Affiliate Marketing Membership

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing digital marketing channels and now becoming one of the most popular for businesses to invest in. As Affiliates and Digital Marketers it’s important to have access to the latest digital insights and to keep abreast of new marketing trends.

Inside my Affiliate & Digital Marketing Membership, you’ll get access to experts who share real marketing tactics they don’t share anywhere else. Benefit from 1:1 mentoring and group accountability sessions along with access to ideas and advice from industry experts. You learn at your own pace, and access loads of resources with the benefit of professional and private networking - all designed to help you keep learning as you get on with your day job!

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What is the Membership?

The Digital & Affiliate Marketing Membership is a private members only club for online marketers, SME’s and entrepreneurs who want to grow their online marketing and drive consistent sales for their program or business. Keeping ahead of the fast paced digital environment can be tough, but I’ve got your back! Access the latest digital marketing trends, expert insights and regular monthly Masterclasses delivered by industry experts.

The membership offers you a chance to network with a like minded group of people who want to do the work and continue to learn and grow their digital mindset.  Learn everything you need to launch, scale and grow an affiliate program from start to finish. Understand what’s changing in other digital channels and how to implement these changes in your own business to grow. 

I will also hop in this group weekly to engage , we’ll have a range of business management coaches in here to help you get mindset ready for success as well as a number of incredible resources that will help you drive traffic like a pro and engage more customers.

Most of all, you’ll have access to a supportive digital community to help you achieve your individual learning and business revenue goals keeping you accountable and supporting you every step of the way.

Together we’ll help you get from zero to hero. In the meantime - be sure to join my community on Facebook and benefit from FREE training and Affiliate & Digital marketing support.

What you’ll get inside this membership:

  • Make real connections
    Get questions answered and tap into expert support
  • Templates, Tools, and Workbooks
    Scale up and simplify every part of your Marketing Strategy
  • Live Q&A Sessions
    Get direct, personal advice or just a second opinion
  • Expert-Led Digital Webinars and Interviews - Monthly
    Learn what works and what doesn’t, what’s new and disrupting
  • Get Members- Only Perks
    Get discounts on tools, exclusive events 
  • Stay Current & Win New Business
    Get work, Give work or simply collaborate to build a network others will envy 
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