I’m super excited to have been invited to talk at this year’s ADTECH London show about how data and content are integrating deeper with Performance Marketing strategies.

ADTECH offers a one stop shop for getting ahead of the digital advancement and technology start ups that are popping up literally overnight. It’s the one event that I like to go to simply because it allows you to take a look around and see what is new, and what is changing.

If you know me, you’ll know there is nothing I like more than debating the digital disruption that is taking place around us. That’s why I’m so excited to be speaking with a group of highly experienced people to debate what I think will be an exciting discussion filled with great advice and take aways that any digital marketing manager will be able to use in their day job.

If you are attending AdTech this year, do pop by and say hi – I’d love to meet you and hear your feedback on the discussion topic too!