With all these options, my mission is to help you sustain, grow and scale your affiliate program and come out the other side smiling, confident in your abilities and having access to fast racked learning with an experienced and knowledgeable team to back you up. I work with a variety of digital marketers and affiliate program account managers to help them get the best from their affiliate marketing program and to plan successful strategies that help their business to grow.

From startup to growth to scaling, there are new challenges to overcome at each stage of your affiliate program and I’m here to help. I’ve been where you are. I’ve helped 100s of affiliate programs and marketers just like you over the past two decades.

I get how hard it is to manage an affiliate program and keep abreast of digital transformation and changes and competitors too. I’ve got your back because I've been there and done this too - for almost two decades in fact.

Right now, you might be feeling the pressure more than before , so I’ve created a range of training workshops to suit your exact needs. From higher-end 1:1 personal management coaching or corporate and group lead classes and training coupled with after class support. I also offer affordable DIY workshops and FREE training for those in the earlier stages of their business or career starting out in affiliate marketing.

I’ve been through hard times, I’ve experienced recessions and pivoted programs when whole countries shut down affiliate business. I can tell you one thing that always remains, if you have a plan, you understand your market and you invest in learning, you will always succeed and emerge victorious against your competitors.

Training Programs



A private mentoring & accountability training program, for digital and affiliate marketers who want to level up and access expert coaching discounted MasterMinds, networks and strategic business Support. You have to apply.



My Affiliate and Digital Marketing training courses are designed to help your business grow. Participate in both live or virtual training workshops or bespoke corporate training and strategy sessions that help scale and grow your online revenue.



Get short sharp bursts of insight and learn what it takes to launch , scale and grow a successful affiliate and marketing program with my FREE videos, guides and mini workshop training plus keep up to date on the latest industry insights.

Each of these programs offers a different level of training and Affiliate Marketing insights tailored for your exact needs.  If you’re unsure of which stage you fit with or you’re not sure what you might need, ping me an email here to have a quick chat about it.

What my students say...

Lee-Ann not only has great knowledge and great Passion for Affiliate management and the industry, she is also extremely passionate about helping others get the best out of themselves and the role. Any questions or issues you experience in your own role, she will answer them and give you advice from her own extensive experience. Highly Recommend this course!

Shane Morgan

Lee-Ann has over 20 years experience in affiliate marketing and she places it on the table with passion as an industry leader , professional, entrepreneur and teacher. You leave her classes and training with loads of practical knowledge and having a better understanding

Vadin Cusnarencu

Attending Lee-Ann’s affiliate marketing training led to a 35% increase in our affiliate program revenue in 90 days after the event and a 20 % increase in new affiliates onboarded to the program. This course quite literally pays for itself immediately after you attend it!

Laurenci Dow

The membership has helped me gain more experience and confidence in becoming a better affiliate manager because I understand what affiliates go through building their businesses and promoting ours. This is money well spent with loads of content to access each month and continued learning.

Linda Cash

Lee-Ann Johnstone, is a digital marketing and affiliate visionary, indeed, evangelist. Her mission is to share a wealth of knowledge borne from direct experience, not textbooks, although she is one of the best mentors and trainers I have ever had the pleasure to know. She is, without doubt, a AAA rating, and should be contacted by anyone looking to start a performance marketing program or indeed level-up your existing program.

Mark McGuinness
Neuro Marketing