Help getting your business & marketing strategies back on track

Access customised business mentoring focussed on growth hacking.  Join my mentoring programme and you’ll get the headspace you need to make better business decisions, support to navigate complexities in your strategy and have clarity to grow your business revenues.

"Lee-Ann helped me to refocus my business after a single 1 hour lunch time strategy session. She's shown me the value of working on my business and not just in it."

Andy Edwards – CEO –

What is a mentor?

Having an experienced business mentor, that understands your business and competitive landscape,  can help you navigate complex business problems with clarity. A mentor gives you the headspace you need to work ON your business – not just IN it.

If this is you ...

  • You’ve been in business a while but you’re not reaching the revenue you dreamed of
  • You’ve fallen out of love with your business and its all a bit overwhelming
  • You spend a load of time on marketing, but nobody is buying
  • Your website isn’t converting sales
  • You’re done with half baked DIY marketing and want results that will grow your business

You’re in the right place!

  • I’m an experienced Business Mentor & Digital Strategist with over two decades experience
  • I know how to get results using bootstrapped marketing techniques
  • I’m a genius at seeing WHY things aren’t working, spotting income gaps and plugging them

A good mentor takes you from frustrated, struggling and worried about income to feeling confident in your business, yourself, and your marketing – helping you reach your financial goals.

Sometimes, you just need to plug-in to the RIGHT kind of expertise. Someone you can trust. Someone with integrity at her very core. Someone authentic who genuinely cares.

As a mentor I’ll be analysing every aspect of your business.

  1.  I’ll identify areas of improvement
  2.  I’ll identify income gaps and opportunities
  3.  I’ll identify where you can improve your results, FAST.
  4.  I’ll design a sales and marketing strategy that’s 100% right for YOU.

"A mentor is not someone that you go to for instruction. A mentor is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to achieve by yourself."


How do I work?

You get 1:1 private coaching, hand-holding, accountability and gentle pushing-in-the-right-direction to make the tangible strategy a reality.

  • We’ll work together for an initial period of 3 months (2 x 75 Minute Intensive Mentoring sessions a month)
  • I’ll establish a framework for fact finding
  • You’ll invest in result building strategies that will grow your revenue

This isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It’s about making time for yourself to have the headspace to build your business and it’s about me keeping you accountable to deliver a lot of hard graft.

This is your chance to have an experienced consultant look at your business, understand you and your vision, help you get into full alignment, look at your structure and processes and identify exactly where you’re going wrong.

No more following cookie-cutter methods that don’t work for you or your business  and no more wasting money on coaches and courses that never give you real results.

"70 percent of mentored businesses survive longer than 5 years."